Michael Zimmerman as “Mick Jagger”

Lead Vocals, Harp Mick


Born in Baltimore and raised in Seattle, Mick has been a part of the original Seattle music scene for over 20 years. Over those years he has played in several original projects writing, recording and playing music live. Some were successful, others not so much, but he always kept the faith. His first love was playing the bass guitar. The highlight of his original music career was when he was playing bass with the band Hilborne. At the time they were being watched by Hollywood Records and were put on a short residential tour throughout the west coast. They were fortunate enough to open for some of the best acts at the time such as Train, Sweetwater and Green Apple Quick Step. In late 2006 Mick stepped away form the original music seen only to pickup the microphone to sing lead as Mick Jagger in his very first tribute band Union Jack. When asked why he decided to stop playing bass and started singing lead, his answer was “…I still enjoy playing bass, but I found that I wasn’t being challenged by it anymore and I was getting really tired of being a better singer than most of the singers I worked with over the years.” Then when asked why he decided to play in a Rolling Stones tribute his reply was, “Well, I never was a big fan of cover bands and I decided that if I was going to cover another artist’s music, then it should be the best rock music ever written and of course that would be the Rolling Stones. And besides…I have been a closet Jagger impersonator ever since I was twelve years old. I might as well put the skill to use, right?”

Ciggy Cater as “Keith Richards

” Ciggy 3

Guitar, Vocals

Ciggy started his musical career at the age of sixteen in the U.K. club circuit. Since relocating to Seattle in 1985, he has performed in a plethora of tribute bands touring Europe and the U.S. with “Beatlemania”, “Unknown Authority (SRV/Hendrix Tribute)”, and ” Tumbling Dice”. In addition to performing he’s recorded extensively with local Seattle bands.

Albert Ceccacci as “Ronnie Wood”

Albert 3

Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lap Steele, Vocals

Born in Italy and raised in Montreal, Canada, Albert began playing guitar, bass, drums and singing lead vocals at age 15. Since then he’s played with numerous bands and performed in every conceivable venue throughout Canada and the U.S. One of his musical achievements was touring the U.S. with “Satisfaction”(The International Rolling Stones Tribute) playing the role of “Ronnie Wood”. The band was also featured on the CBS Sunday Morning News as one of the most popular touring bands in America.

Mike Howe as “Bill Wyman”

Mike Howe

Bass Guitar

I have been playing the bass guitar for 34 years! My love of music began as a very young boy when I first heard the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was hooked right there and then, and began collecting every album and memorabilia I could get my hands on. I knew I was going to be a bass player from that very young age. When most kids or people are hearing the lead guitar and lead vocals I was hearing and following the bass lines and background vocal parts. My brother introduced me to the Rolling Stones a few years later and I had found another favorite band to follow. I soon had all the albums. I have played in a number of mostly classic rock bands throughout the years and in April of 2011 I saw this Rolling Stones tribute band “Midnight Rambler”at a local club called “Jazzbones” and said to myself “How cool would it be to play with this band? About a week later I was asked to be one of their bass players and I’ve never had more fun than playing with this great band!

Bruce Ericson as “Charlie Watts”

Bruce 2


Bruce took up drums in 5th grade, started his first rock band in junior high, and was heavily influenced by the power of rock bands like Cream, Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin and of course, their drummers. He’s played and recorded original music and cover tunes in rock, blues and R’n’B bands before relocating in Seattle in the 80’s.

Michael Horan as “Chuck Leavell”


Keyboards, Vocals

Mike is the newest member of Midnight Rambler, adding keyboards and vocals to an already high energy band! Mike’s a California native, and has played in original and cover bands throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years. Mike brings a huge catalog of songs and a great deal of style to every show.